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Offseason Plans: The Deluge of Rivers

Just because they aren’t flinging pigskins doesn’t mean that there aren’t goals and plans for all of the major players

Well, it’s always a tough time when the whistles stop blaring, and the cold of winter arrives (well, for most of the country at least). Just because there’s triple-digit days before the next legitimate pass is made in the NFL doesn’t mean that our favorite Bolts are hibernating for the winter.

In this multiple-piece segment, we’ll dive deeper into the off-season goals of each of our favorite Chargers.

Part 1: The Rivers Deluge

In what amounts to the most challenging effort of any given year, our hero, Philip Rivers, prepares for an annual vacation with his ever-growing family.

Choosing the destination is a quest in and of itself, as for how could anyone choose a location different from San Diego?

Regardless, one of the largest hurdles that the Rivers family faces is when it is time to pack up the car and commit to the trip. This is when it’s paramount that Philip crunches the numbers, makes a snap read on the situation and determines whether to continue with the play or call a taxing time out. It’s also a good idea to number the kiddos with a sharpie, just in case.

With the wagon finally packed, we can only guess what triumphs and horrors await this sizable family as they navigate roadways, national parks, and thrills of America.

When all is said and done, these away games tend to be the most challenging and potentially rewarding in our quarterback’s year. They will test his mettle, and he will leave the huddle a stronger leader and father. That, or they’ll literally eat him alive, as their numbers grow more formidable every year.


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