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After Dark: Who Here Likes to Bowl?

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together and talk about anything and everything.

PBA Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational Bowling Tournament Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images For Professional Bowlers Association

Me personally, I love to play sports. I've been playing organized basketball since I was 7, which is why I hate it when people assume I play basketball solely because I'm 6’3”. I'm also a huge fan of ultimate, more commonly known as the misnomer Frisbee (which is actually a copyrighted product made by toy company Wham-O, but I digress), and nothing beats a non-windy day of tossing the disc. I'm also fairly solid at the sport of tennis, among others, but basketball and ultimate are definitely my favorite two.

Which brings me to this After Dark post: who here likes to bowl? I discovered bowling two years ago; by now, I have two balls, and bowl just about every other week. Anyone have a better high score than my mark of 267? Anyone ever get that vaunted 300? I just bought a Storm Sky Rocket about a month ago, so I'm looking to get my first perfect game in the upcoming weeks.