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Roundtable: What Free Agent Would You Most Like to See the Chargers Sign?

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Wade: What one (realistic) free agent signing would you most like to see the Chargers make this offseason and why?

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: Probably Tony Jefferson because Telesco really needs to start prioritizing the safety position and I don't think he's gonna cost anything crazy.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: This may sound crazy to some, but I am going to say, WR DeSean Jackson. Some will ridicule this choice because the Chargers have a similar player on the roster with Travis Benjamin. But stay with me here for a second. Imagine having two world class burners on the outside or how about rotating those sprinters in and out and conserving some their juice for a full game. DeSean is more polished then Benjamin so automatically it would be an upgrade and in the case of one of them getting injured, the other would be there to take his place. I am not expecting DeSean to be expensive this go-around. Plus, the Chargers offense needs to be stockpiled with weapons in their Battle of Los Angeles.

Louis Gorini: Riley Reiff would be an upgrade over Dunlap and is more durable. Why I like Reiff because he can be a stopgap at the LT position until next year's draft which has better OT prospects coming out. So if the Chargers are fortunate enough to be able to get a top OT prospect next year they can move Reiff to the RT position to replace a struggling Barksdale

Nathan: Lol, Ruben, were you able to write "Battle of Los Angeles" while keeping a straight face?

Ruben: Hollywood audience now, Nathan. Lol.

Jamie Sewell: I'm agreeing with Nathan. I think Tony Jefferson would be by far the best move the Chargers could make in Free Agency. The Chargers are desperately in need of some help at safety and Jefferson would instantly become the best safety on the roster - by miles.

Kyle Posey: The Chargers should go after an Arizona safety but not the one everyone thinks. DJ Swearinger finally played to his potential last year and is a more under control, rangy version of Addae. He had some big hits last year but he also showed he's smart in coverage. He's only25 & should come at a very team friendly deal.

Thomas Herd: It has to be Tony Jefferson. The best safety in the Free Agency pool and the Chargers haven't invested in the position in years. It's time to build this secondary up along with Verrett and Hayward. They should still add another safety in the draft but this would be a very good start.

Cody Young: That's a tough question because there are a few linemen I would absolutely love to see in a Chargers uniform. But I think I have to go with safety Tony Jefferson. The play on the back end this past season made me absolutely sick watching it. It was horrendous. Jefferson is a great player who would instantly upgrade the defense. He's at the top of my FA wish list.

Jamie Hoyle: It's definitely Jefferson for me. Outstanding box safety who is very underrated in coverage. Quietly a very good weapon against opposing tight ends.

Louis: Jefferson is going to get paid and TT don't like paying safeties

Jamie H.: He's probably going to make $7-8M per season. Not unreasonable for a guy with his skills. They can certainly afford him, but I know they're going to re-sign Addae. Plus he's 25 I think, so there is still room for growth.

Richard: While I agree that the Chargers badly need a safety, I fear that Louis is right about the Chargers’ unwillingness to spend at the position. For that reason and because of the amount of safety talent in the draft, I’m hoping for T.J. Lang to upgrade the interior of the offensive line.

Jamie S.: Oh man, I forgot about T.J. Lang. He'd be a huge upgrade over Fluker.

Thomas: He's close to 30, no?

Richard: He turns 30 in September.

Thomas: Doesn't TT avoid players around that age?

Garrett Sisti: Ronald Leary’s the guy, Lang would be nice. Cowboys put Leary on the back-burner cause they got La'el. He's 27, been a back-up so will cost less than Zeitler/Lang. Played great this year blocking for Zeke when La’el Collins got hurt. He's the physical presence the O-Line needs. Perfect combo of talent/price tag/fit.

Connor Howe: If the Chargers were to pass up on re-signing Danny Woodhead, I'd love to see what Rex Burkhead can do out west. The former Bengals running back outperformed both backs in front of him last season (albeit he did so in a very limited sample size) and would be a perfect complement to Melvin Gordon in what could be one of the NFL's youngest and most exciting backfield tandems. Burkhead has a very legitimate case to make as the best free agent running back in the NFL.

Who do you hope the Chargers sign in free agency? Let us know in the comments.