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Los Angeles Chargers Daily Links: Can Chargers Learn How to Finish?

Your daily dose of Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Philip Rivers: "I will always be playing for San Diego as well" - San Diego Union-Tribune (video)
Listen to Philip Rivers' heartfelt speech from the 71st annual Salute to the Champions event, held Feb. 21st at the Town and Country Convention Center in San Diego.

Top 10 tight ends set to hit free agency - John Breitenbach
Bennett enjoyed a resurgence of sorts with the Super Bowl champion Patriots. He struggled through injury toward the end of the year, but still caught 55 passes for 700 yards and seven touchdowns, dropping just a pair of passes. The former Cowboy, Giant and Bear is a fine blocker too, even if he was hampered toward the tail end of 2016.

Top 10 linebackers set to hit free agency - John Kosko
Another player with a track record of poor play prior to the 2016 season, Minter had an interesting season in which he had five excellent games paired with four really bad games. In the end, he came out with an above-average overall grade with his play in coverage being the best. If Minter is able to continue flashing those great games and reduce his number of poor games, a few of them marred by several missed tackles (missed 20 in 2016), the former LSU Tiger has potential to become a solid every down LB.

Chargers balance awkward dance between San Diego, Los Angeles - Eric Williams
"It's going to be really smooth," Lynn said about the transition to Los Angeles. "Guys are going to have time to go up and find places for their families, neighborhoods and schools. We're giving them all the time in the world to do that.

OC Ken Whisenhunt says Chargers have to learn how to finish - Eric Williams
"One of the things I know for sure about Anthony is he’s a tremendous person, because some of my closest friends in coaching have worked with him," Whisenhunt said. "And we’ve had discussions about Anthony before outside of this environment. And you feel really good about that, so I think that was a big piece of it."