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The Chargers (and Raiders) Are a Symptom of a Bigger NFL Problem

With construction costs ballooning and a number of NFL owners unable to afford to pay billions towards a new stadium, this relocation issue is going to continue to plague the league.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mostly by accident, and entirely due to a heavy fog in San Diego yesterday morning, Craig Elsten and myself ended up filling in for Kevin Acee on The Mighty 1090 last night.

We talked surprisingly little about the NFL over the course of three hours, but I really enjoyed the conversation we had about the San Diego Chargers moving to become the Los Angeles Chargers (and Dean Spanos being a pathetic owner), and how it relates to the Oakland Raiders possibly moving to become the San Diego Raiders (and Mark Davis being a pathetic owner).

At the end, I laid out the scary future the NFL faces: With lots of team unable to afford to build new stadiums because they came by the way of ownership through heritage rather than their own wealth.

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