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Poll: Should the Chargers Re-sign Jahleel Addae?

We told you what we think, but what do you think the Chargers ought to do?

Detroit Lions v San Diego Chargers Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Jamie Sewell and Lee Bedrouni attempted to answer the question of whether or not the Los Angeles Chargers should seek to re-sign starting safety Jahleel Addae.

The case Jamie built in favor of bringing largely centered around the assertion that Addae is a quality player that won’t command a high salary and is already the best safety on the roster:

I think the Chargers would be making a huge mistake to not bring back Jahleel Addae next season. He's clearly the best safety the Chargers currently have on the roster, and they'd be making a big mistake by trying to find two new starters in one offseason (and an even bigger mistake by thinking Dwight Lowery is adequate as a starter).
Even if he doesn't improve on his current skillset, Addae is a solid, dependable player. If he's utilized in the proper way (i.e. not as the deep safety), I’d even go so far as to argue that he's a good safety in the National Football League. He has talent, he plays at a position the Chargers are sorely lacking said talent at, and he'd be available for a good price.

Lee focused on the fact that Addae is neither awful nor great but still a deeply flawed player that cannot be counted on to stay healthy.

Jahleel Addae is a perfectly cromulent football player except one or two significant reoccurring flaws and a tendency to get hurt. He might revel in the questionable reputation he has earned, but by and large he has cultivated an acceptable image (one which the team presents). He is not Manti Te’o.

However, the drawbacks to keeping Addae are evident. Those mistakes, those tendencies, continue to repeat themselves year after year. The fact that the team is married to Dwight Lowery’s contract for at least another season makes the prospect of fielding an exceedingly below-average backfield pair nigh unacceptable.

What do you think? Should the Chargers re-sign Jahleel Addae this offseason?