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REPORT: King Dunlap Arrested

King Dunlap has been arrested in Tennessee

NFL: Preseason-Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

From a football standpoint, the offseason had been going along pretty smoothly for the Chargers. Until now.

This was not a good time to get arrested for King Dunlap. He has been unreliable on the field due to a bunch of injuries during his tenure with the Chargers. 2014 was the only season he played all 16 games, the only time he’s done that in his 8 year career. Combine that with the Chargers having a new (offensive) head coach and a new offensive line coach, and the deck is already stacked against him.

We will wait to see all the details on this arrest as they come out, don’t want to over-react in case this is some “fake news,” but on it’s face this is not good for King’s future with the team. In recent years the Chargers have placed a high level of importance on “character” of their players, not to mention this arrest started as a domestic disturbance call.

Releasing King Dunlap creates a big hole, literally and figuratively, and this is not a very good draft for starting OTs. Cap wise, releasing him would create $3.25 million in dead cap space, but would free up $4.875 million overall. I think he is probably gone.