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Poll: Should the Chargers Re-sign Danny Woodhead?

We told you what we think, but what do you think the Chargers ought to do?

San Diego Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Over the weekend, Ryan Doyle and Louis Gorini made cases for and against the Los Angeles Chargers re-signing running back Danny Woodhead.

Ryan suggested that if the Chargers are intent on featuring Melvin Gordon (and they should be) they need to let Woodhead walk in free agency:

If the Chargers plan on using Woodhead as much as they have in the past, Gordon is going to be playing about 50 percent of the time. That’s not how a number one back should be used in the NFL. Maybe it’s not fair to Woodhead that his offensive coordinator relies on him too much, but I think the Chargers need to showcase Gordon 16 games a year.

Louis makes almost the exact opposite argument as he believes Woodhead is a perfect complement to Gordon:

Woodhead’s style of play greatly contrasts that of Melvin Gordon; whereas Branden Oliver’s style mirrors Gordon’s more. The nine year vet is a crafty route runner who brings another dimension to the Chargers passing game. Woodhead is a serious offensive weapon and a matchup nightmare that can be valuable during certain stretches of games (in particularly when Los Angeles is trailing). His ability to get open and make defenders miss is extremely important.

What do you think? Should the Chargers re-sign Danny Woodhead this offseason?