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Los Angeles Chargers Daily Links: Could Chargers Be Cinderella Team in 2017?

Your daily dose of Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Most likely "Cinderella" team for the 2017 season? - Scoobersss
Chargers. They've got talent top to bottom, and if they can manage to stay healthy I think they could be a top 10 team on offense and defense. Mike McCoy and his coaching really seemed to hinder this team, and now he's out of the way.

The Film Room Ep. 22: Malik McDowell Scouting Report - YouTube (video)
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Bolts Brass Turn Out for Costa Mesa Welcome Reception - (video)
Chargers officials and players turned out for a welcome reception with leaders from Costa Mesa to celebrate the team's new home.

Why Lynn's Trust in New Special Teams Coordinator Runs Deep - Ricky Henne
"I had the chance to learn firsthand from the four-time Super Bowl champion, and it was quite an experience. The thing I learned most was patience. His patience was unbelievable and impeccable. I remember my first game as a Pittsburgh Steelers coach was against the Cleveland Browns, and we lost 51-0. We went into the locker room thinking this is not going to be good. And Coach Noll walks in and says ‘This just means we can’t go undefeated. Let’s go on to next week.’ That is just the kind of mindset that coach Noll had, and I learned that from him in terms of patience."

The Los Angeles Chargers' temporary stadium is small, and season tickets won't be cheap - Frank Scwab
This is simple economics, supply and demand. The Rams have the largest stadium in the NFL and the Chargers have the smallest by far, at least until the two teams move into a huge Inglewood stadium in 2019. There’s good reason the Chargers are charging a lot more for their tickets. But it will be interesting to see how the Chargers do, especially since their games will be rather expensive.