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BFTB After Dark: Happy Valentine’s Day

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together and talk about anything and everything.

Miami Area Chocolatier Prepares For Valentine's Day Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Today is, of course, Valentine’s Day so if you have a significant other you probably don’t have too much use for an open thread this evening. But if you don’t have one, or you just can’t stay off your phone for five minutes anyway (or maybe one of you works nights or you don’t like to go out on holidays where everything is busy, I’m not jugding you) stay here and talk about whatever you want.

Yesterday, Cody asked what people’s favorite genre of music is as a jumping off point, but tonight we have a far more important topic for our off topic thread: in a box of those chocolates with the various fillings, which is your favorite and which one are you going to spit out if you bite into it (or if you’re an adult, which is your least favorite)?

But, hey, there’s still not a whole lot going on in the football world today, so talk about whatever you want.