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BFTB After Dark: Racehorse or Scottish Football (Soccer) Team?

It's time for a bit of fun.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-City Scenes Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, Max Schultz came up with a fantastic idea for a game. You'd give two names (for example, Celtic and Last Ride), and ask the other person to pick - which one is a Scottish soccer team, and which one is a racehorse? It might not sound that exciting, but there are some weird sounding soccer teams out there.

After playing for a little bit, it became clear that this was a genius idea that more people should be aware of - which is why I've created a short quiz using for you to try at home.

You'll be presented with two names. One of them is a horse, one is a Scottish soccer team. It's up to you to guess which is which. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Feel free to post your scores in the comments once you're done. I'll be extremely impressed with anyone who gets above 50%.

Good luck!