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VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Going over Keenan Allen’s touchdown & scheming open Hunter Henry

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Charger Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Last week Garrett Sisti went over Keenan Allen’s touchdown. This week, it’s my turn. The Chargers rely on Allen to get open with his route-running. Lately, he’s been outstanding. The Browns game was no different. He was having defenders go left and right. Seemingly always off balance.

Before we get into Allen’s score, I want to show you a play designed for Hunter Henry. If they rely on Allen to get open as a route runner, they scheme Henry open. They do a great job of that. There were plenty of plays in the Browns game designed specifically for Henry. If he can get 9 designed plays a game like they did against Cleveland, this offense will be tough to slow down. What I really liked about the play was both Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon were in the game at the same time. Ekeler out wide as a receiver. Both were decoys to get Henry open.

I went over the reasons how Keenan was so open on that touchdown. The design was a thing of beauty and the route might have been better.