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VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Denzel Perryman’s aggressiveness leading the Chargers defense

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Charger Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Chargers have a handful of very good players on the defensive side of the ball. What they were missing before Denzel Perryman was an attitude. His level of aggressiveness is contagious. When you see a guy come downhill like Perryman everyone wants to get in on the action. I highlighted 4 plays below to illustrate exactly what I mean. I think Perryman is a good example of it’s not always important to make the tackle. So long as you have someone that is disrupting the play. Perryman is disrupting the play. Constantly. The Browns game was no exception. He had a tackle for loss. Could’ve had 3 more. A little out of control, but disruptive nonetheless.

As you can see from the video, the Chargers have done a much better job of getting everyone to the ball the last few weeks. In weeks past, it seemed like if the 1st guy missed, the ball carrier would be off to the races. That hasn’t been the case lately.

Enjoy. Next up, an offensive play I like from the Browns game.