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Chargers Use Trickery Against the Jets

Kyle Posey takes a look at how the Chargers offense used some trickery to good effect in their matchup against the New York Jets last Sunday.

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

With the playoffs a very real possibility if things go right, the Chargers could stand to get more creative on offense. There were a couple plays that stood out from Sunday’s game against the Jets. Both involved a little trickery. The first play had some deception going on. They Chargers came out in 13 personnel, 1 wide receiver & 3 tight ends. Most defenses see that personnel and have their heavy package in. Offenses use this to take shots down the field. You’ll see Antonio Gates run against the grain of the defense, avoid contact, and run scott free. I explain how he got so open and all that goes in to the play in the video.

The second play was a nice design. They used Keenan Allen in the backfield. Essentially, that just gave him more space to operate. Space and Allen is a dangerous thing if you’re a defense. The corner would’ve had to guess the route in order to cover it correctly.


Go Jaguars! Go Dolphins! Go Ravens! Please, Chargers, for once make me happy!