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Chargers-Jets Final Score: Los Angeles Chargers Defeat the New York Jets 14-7

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

1st Quarter

The New York Jets started the game off with an onside kick which they recovered. Bryce Petty hooked up on the first play of the game with Jermaine Kearse for an 8-yard gain. Matt Forte moved the sticks on his first carry. They took a shot on their next play and an OPI against Anderson backed them up. Bilal Powell got hist first carry and only gained 4 yards. Tenny Palepoi gifted the Jets 5 free yards with an NZI. On 2nd & 11, Korey Toomer sacked Petty for a 9-yard loss. On 3rd & 20, an incomplete pass resulted in the punting unit coming on.

Derek Watt got the Chargers first carry of the game and gained 3. Melvin Gordon got the call next and gained only 1. Tyrell Williams came through on 3rd down picking up 16 yards on a crossing route. Keenan Allen picked up 3 on 1st down. A pair of incomplete passes ended the drive and resulted in a punt.

On 1st down, Powell carried the ball for 4. He did the same on 2nd down. On 3rd & 2, Petty took a deep shot and came up empty.

Gordon started the drive with a short gain. Antonio Gates turned his first target into 9 yards and a 1st down. Williams was tackled after a short gain on 1st down. Gordon added another short run. On 3rd & 6, Rivers’ pass was batted down at the line.

Hayes Pullard tackled Powell for a short gain. Petty found Robby Anderson open against Jahleel Addae for 13 yrds. Petty then found Kears for another 6. He was unable to connect with Austin Seferian-Jenkins on each of the next two plays.

Gordon started the drive yet another short gain. Allen rescued the offense with a 16-yard reception on 3rd down. Gordon put them behind the sticks with a negative run. Mike Williams dropped an easy reception. Sean McGrath picked up 3 on 3rd & 11.

Melvin Ingram and Pullard combined to stop Powell for no gain.

2nd Quarter

Petty’s first pass of the 2nd quarter fell incomplete. So did his second.

Rivers missed to Benjamin to start the drive. A stupid wildcat direct snap to Gordon resulted in a 1-yard run by Branden Oliver. On 3rd & 9, Allen came up with 16 yards. Rivers missed on a deep shot to Benjamin. Gordon then ran for back-to-back 9-yard gains. Benjamin was stopped for a 4-yard loss on an endaround. Gates got open deep for a 27-yard gain. Gordon stumbled for another 2-yard gain. On 2nd & 8, Gordon picked up 6 on a short pass. On 3rd down, Buster Skrine moved the sticks with DPI. An aborted snap lost two yards, but then Gates got open for a touchdown.

Powell ran off right tackle for 41 yards before Tre Boston finally brought him down. Forte added 3 more. Seferian-Jenkins moved the sticks with an 11-yard reception. Fort was blown up in the backfield by Toomer and fumbled. Pullard recovered. The play was reviewed. The ruling on the field was confirmed.

Derek Watt took a short pass 23 yards to midfield. Oliver ran up the middle for 3 yards. Another pass intended for Williams hit the turf. On 3rd & 7, Williams was stopped after 1 yard.

Petty missed Kearse to start the drive. Powell ran for 5 yards on 2nd & 10 before beings topped by Brandon Mebane. On 3rd & 5, Kearse got open against Desmond King and picked up 14 yards. Anderson added 9 more on the next play with Pullard in coverage. King tackled Kearse for no gain on the next play. An incomplete pass on 3rd down brought on the punting unit.

Gordon rushed for 11 yards before the 2-minute warning. Gates added another long reception for 20 yards. Another 2-yard run by Gordon was followed by consecutive incomplete passes by Rivers.

Petty was unable to connect with Kearse on 1st down. On 2nd down, Kearse picked up 14 yards. Anderson added 6 more on the next play. Petty scrambled out of bounds to pick up the 1st. Petty missed Seferian-Jenkins on the next play before being sacked by Isaac Rochell on 2nd down. On 3rd down, the Bills attempted a Hail Mary and Keenan Allen came up with the interception.

3rd Quarter

Pullard and Toomer combined to tackle Powell for a loss. Toomer held him to a short on gain on 2nd down. On 3rd & 9, Addae tackled Seferian-Jenkins for a short gain.

Gordon took a short pass from Rivers 39 yards down the right side. Oliver picked up 1 yard on the next play and back-to-back incomplete passes (including a drop by injured receiver Mike Williams) resulted in 4th down. Nick Rose then predictably missed a 47-yard field goal.

Powell got the call on three straight plays. On the third, he broke a 57-yard touchdown.

Gordon rushed for 9 yards t start the drive then added another 19 on his next carry. Rivers hit Allen for a 12-yard gain on the next play. Gordon got stuffed for no gain. Then Gates hauled in another pass for 15 yards. Sean McGrath got involved to the tune of a 23-yard gain. Gordon then got stuffed on 1st & goal from the 2, but punched it in on 2nd & goal from the 1.

Forte rushed for 9 yards on his next carry. Powell was stuffed on the next two plays and a punt was forced.

Tyrell Williams took a short pass for 15 yards on the first play of the drive. Gordon lost 3 yards on the next play. Allen got 12 of the needed 13 yards after that, but Travis Benjamin dropped the ball on 3rd & 1 to force a punt.

Bryce Petty scrambled for a 24-yard gain on 1st down. Powell was stuffed on the next play and tackled for a loss after that.

4th Quarter

On 3rd & 13, Petty had to check down to Seferian-Jenkins who King tackled after a 1-yard gain. Adrian Phillips appeared to be injured on the play. Travis Benjamin returned the subsequent punt 91 yards for a touchdown, but it was called back thanks to a hold by Nick Dzubnar.

Gordon, at least, got the offense moving with a 7-yard gain on 1st down and moved the sticks with 4 more on 2nd down. Rivers threw the ball away in the direction of Allen on the next down. Rivers missed Allen on 2nd down in the same area of the field. Allen was targeted again on 3rd down, but he was unable to hold onto a low pass by Rivers.

Petty connected with Anderson yet again for 16 yards. Pullard was in coverage. Palepoi stopped Forte after a 1-yard rush. Addae and Kyle Emanuel combined for a sack on 2nd down to set up 3rd & 17. Forte picked up 7 yards on a dump off pass that left the Jets 10 yards short and needing to punt.

Gordon rushed for a 3-yard gain to start the drive, but Rivers gave up 13 yards with an intentional grounding penalty on 2nd down. Gates gave the punting unit a little extra space coming up with a 7-yard gain on 3rd & 20.

Powell rushed for 21 yards on on 1st down from their on 30 to move across midfield. Forte then added a yard on the ground on the next play and 4 more on the play after that. On 3rd & 5, Petty escaped and scrambled for 5 yards and a new set of downs. Powell was then tackled after a 2-yard gain by Joey Bosa and Brandon Mebane. An Ineligible Downfield penalty backed the Jets up on 2nd down, but Seferian-Jenkins got it back. On 3rd & 6, the ball hit the turf, but Bosa was flagged for Roughing the Passer. Powell and Forte were bottled up on 1st & 2nd down. Petty then had consecutive incomplete passes to turn the ball over on downs.

Gordon rushed for 2 yards. Rivers had another incomplete pass then he hit Allen for a 20-yard gain deep down the left side. Oliver than added 3 yards on the ground.