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Denzel Perryman Carted into Locker Room Before Halftime

Not good...

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Chargers have potentially lost one of their most important players on defense in a game where they can’t afford to do so. Denzel Perryman was carted from the sideline into the locker room shortly before halftime in Kansas City. He is questionable to return.

This. Is. Not. Good. If, in fact, Perryman is not able to return that is. Denzel is a leader on the Bolts defense and his presence since returning from IR has been more than noticeable. He is the tone setter. A physical imposer in the middle of Gus Bradley’s unit. A piece Los Angeles cannot afford to lose.

His absence has already been felt in the closing moments of the first half. After leaving the field, the Chiefs attacked the middle of the field with ease, with the Chargers missing a bevy of tackles. Granted, Perryman has been far from perfect tonight himself, but this unit is far better with him on the field. Hopefully, he is able to return to the field at some point in tonight's game. We shall see.