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10 Question Mailbag: Passive Pass Rush, WRs Better Than Keenan, Tyrell Extension, and More

NFL: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Went over some mailbag questions on the podcast but again in case you weren’t able to listen, I’ll highlight 10 of them here. Let’s just jump into it.

@JPaavilainen asks

Have gotten this question framed in a few different ways. @TKgywnn asked if the duo was simply wearing down. Both were still highly effective last week. They just didn’t have any sacks. Against the run, especially. Ingram had 4 stops alone in the 1st half. On a 4th & 2, Bosa caused Cousins to flee the pocket. He just threw it up and the receiver came down with it. I don’t believe they’re wearing down because the effort level is evident. Both guys are still getting after it, they just haven’t converted them to sacks. It wasn’t a stunt, but when Desmond King sacked Cousins in the 3rd quarter Bosa & Ingram were lined up on the same side and if not for King coming unblocked, Bosa picks up a sack. Check it out.

What I think it boils down to, at least Sunday, is they ran into a buzzsaw called Trent Williams. He did a great job on both. Bosa beat him once but Williams showed why he’s the best tackle in the league.

I expect both to be active and deliver Saturday against the Chiefs.

@EAVO360 asks

Should and do I think they will are two different questions. Should he? Yes. Do I think they will? Yes. What I would imagine is they cut Travis Benjamin and extend Williams. At 25 Williams is the deep threat that can open up the offense underneath for Henry and Allen. Tyrell hasn’t been as consistent as he was a year ago but he’s too explosive to let walk away. We saw against Dallas he can take those quick throws for big plays with his speed. Then last week we saw him take the top off of a defense. He’s 3rd in the league in yards per catch and you figure he’ll continue to develop as a route runner and catching the ball in general. He’ll be back.

@ryan_moniz asks

The easy answer is eggnog. One of my friends put it in his coffee the other day and I about puked. What good is something that you can’t drink a lot of? Excess eggnog is the worst. The taste is overrated. Just drink whiskey or bourbon like a normal human and if you wanna get festive mix it with hot chocolate. Food wise I’m not a big fan of peppermint anything. Especially desserts. Having kids in the house I’ll say Candy Canes. They’re the worst.

@LeLouch asks

This is a touchy subject for a lot of folks. It’s easy to say “I guess he’s not done” after he has a good game. But if you go back to the first month of the season Rivers wasn’t playing well. It’s that simple. The tough thing when watching football is understanding how to isolate performances. The offensive line isn’t playing any better in December than they were in September. There are more creative designs. It certainly helps he’s no longer targeting Benjamin 8 times in a game like he did in Week 3. No, the offense runs through Allen and Henry. But it’s just Rivers playing at an elite level. Some of the plays he made in the pocket on Sunday he hasn’t made in years. He’s hanging in there and delivering money balls with guys all over him. It’s not just one play, though. It’s entire games. Here’s a handful of plays that were impressive in the pocket against Washington.

The way he’s moving around in the pocket is at a Brady level. Rivers is masking the offensive line and their deficiencies. That wasn’t happening earlier in the year.

@Abanjjsjbba asks

Oh, man. That’s a good one. I’ll say Addae because he seems like a “me monster.” I’ve haven’t spoken to him once but this just feels true. He seems like the guy at holiday meals that are always trying to one-up your stories.

SuperduperBoltman asks

They have to tackle in space. Having 52 in the lineup will be a big change. If they can stop Hunt and Hill on early downs, whether it’s screens or run plays, the Chargers will be fine. It’s when the Chiefs get in to these 3rd and shorts where Alex Smith can run or get the ball out of his hands quick is when they’re tough. Those 2 and Kelce are the biggest factors. I’m guessing we’ll see bracket coverage with Phillips and Addae on Kelce. They’re not going to let Kelce beat them. That means the guys on the outside are going to have to contain Hill 1-on-1. They’re certainly up to the task. Tackling in space and keeping the Chiefs in 3rd & long are keys to a victory.

@BoltnKay asks

It has to be Liuget. As much as he’s improved when the team dialed his snaps back, you just can’t have his production for what his contract is. He’s proven to be a replaceable player. I’m guessing Benjamin is out as well. But Liuget for sure is my answer here.

Our own Jamie Sewell asks

I thought I would list a lot more than I did after looking at some names. Julio. AB. A.J. Green. Deandre Hopkins is better with the ball in the air but he doesn’t get separation like Keenan does. They’re both slow. So that’s a push in my eyes. Adam Thielen is ballin’ this year. But it’s just this year. I’ve long thought Mike Evans was overrated. Doug Baldwin would be the only other one I consider. Keenan is truly that good.

@Amacaspac2 asks

I doubt Whiz will ever get another coaching gig. I imagine Bradley will need to coach a high level defense for a couple more years before he gets another stint. It wasn’t great in Jacksonville. The way the defensive backs are playing this year we’re likely close to seeing Ron Milus at least get interviews somewhere as a coordinator.

@aragonivan_yup asks

27-23, Chargers. Rivers continues his excellence. As does Allen. Running backs finally get it going. Chargers win by 4.