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NFL Playoff Picture Update: Chargers Still Control Their Own Destiny

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

If the playoffs started today, the Los Angeles Chargers would be on the outside looking in, but that is thanks to tiebreakers that will not matter if they are able to win their remaining games. They will have the opportunity to take the lead in the AFC West with a win this Saturday against the Chiefs.

The Chiefs appeared to get back on track this week, though it’s hard to give too much credit to a team that played the version of the Raiders we have seen over the last month.

The Titans and Ravens will most likely end up holding any potential tiebreaker over the Chargers if they finish with the same record (and so will the Bills if it’s a three-or-more team tie). So, while the Wild Card looks like a possibility, it is more likely AFC West or bust for the Chargers.

AFC playoff picture

  1. Steelers (11-2)
  2. Patriots (10-2)
  3. Jaguars (9-4)
  4. Chiefs (7-6)
  5. Titans (8-5)
  6. Ravens (7-6)
  7. Chargers (7-6)*
  8. Bills (7-6)*

In the NFC, the Eagles are likely to look a lot less intimidating come playoff time thanks to Nick Foles having to take over for the injured Carson Wentz. The Vikings and Rams both look like superior teams now.

The Seahawks are probably more dangerous than half of the teams ahead of them, but they did just lose to Blake Bortles, so they are tough to figure out.

NFC playoff picture

  1. Eagles (11-2)
  2. Vikings (10-3)
  3. Rams (9-4)
  4. Saints (9-4)
  5. Panthers (9-4)
  6. Falcons (8-5)
  7. Seahawks (8-5)*

*In the hunt