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Forrest Lamp Would be the Best Chargers Skill Position Player on the Offensive Line

If you had to put the rock in a big guy’s hands, who would you trust the most?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Nine seconds left.

Down by five.

The ball is on the three-yard line.

Due to some pretty wild circumstances, you must give the ball to one of your big uglies. Who gets the rock?

Well, if I had to make this decision, I guess I would choose.......WHO DO YOU THINK?!?!

The only reason you didn’t have for immediately shouting “FORREST LAMP!” is if you have spent much of your life under a rock and obviously do not know the guy writing this at the moment.

I mean, look at that play up there. It’s a thing of beauty. The hands, the straight-line speed, the arm-raise as he strides across the goal-line, signaling his ascension to the top of draft boards and right into my heart.

It’s not just me, however. There is a lot of love for the injured second-round pick out of Western Kentucky on the BFTB staff.

But what’s not to love? The man was arguably the best offensive line prospect in the draft and he somehow fell to the Chargers in the beginning of the second round where they gladly scooped him up.

At the NFL Combine, Lamp posted a top-5 finish in four of the six events he participated in. These events were the 40-yard dash (4th), Bench Press (T-2nd), 3-cone drill (5th), and the Broad Jump (4th).

The aforementioned events exemplify the all-around athletic ability Lamp would bring to the table as a potential skill-player. He is brutish in strength yet has the lower-body explosiveness and quick-twitch ability needed to (maybe?) make a defender miss.

As I mentioned in a previous article following the drafting of Lamp and third-round pick Dan Feeney, I shined a spotlight on Lamp’s body composition and how he is extremely well put together for a man of his size. He stands at 6’4 and 300 lbs. and somehow found himself with a thick, barrel-chested torso that tapered off into a proportionately smaller, leaner waistline that is very rare for an offensive lineman.

Other offensive linemen that come to mind with this type of body configuration are Tyron Smith and Terron Armstead, who are pretty good football players in their own right.

When it comes to your play-makers, you also want your guys to have experience for those big-time moments in the biggest games. So it obviously helps that Lamp was a four-year starter for the Hilltoppers while winning quite a few games during his time at WKU.

Down one score? I’m calling a naked bootleg and hitting my man Lamp at the front pylon.