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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly From the Win Against The Cowboys

Los Angeles Chargers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

After a 28-6 beatdown of the Dallas Cowboys, the Chargers are right in the thick of the AFC playoff hunt as they’ve won five of their last seven games. The only complaint fans should have is that it should have been closer to 40-6.

The Good:

Keenan Allen:

Coming off his best performance in two years, Keenan Allen shredded the Bills last week. Much of the same this week as Keenan was open on almost every play. The Cowboys secondary was no match for KA13, as his 11-173-1 line was as impressive a showcase as they come.

Philip Rivers:

This was the vintage Rivers we’ve been waiting for all season. The accuracy on timing routes, pocket movement, and most importantly the trusting of his teammates around him to make plays was all on display. Even the exuberant meltdowns were as entertaining as ever. I’m thankful for Thanksgiving Rivers.

The Defense:

Dallas has been struggling as of late, but it was still quite an impressive performance to hold them to one touchdown at home. The run defense was good enough to force the Cowboys into third and longs, and the entire team flew around yesterday. The cornerback pairing of Trevor Williams and Casey Hayward is as elite as they come, and rookie corner Desmond King sealed the win with an impressive jump on a 90-yard pick-six.

Ken Whisenhunt:

After the embarrassing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, I was calling for Ken to get the ax. Yesterday, the play calling was creative and efficient, pretty much all you can ask of your coordinators. He consistently fed Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry, as well as got the explosive Austin Ekeler involved.

The Bad:

Red zone Offense:

Moving the ball easily between the twenties, it was when it mattered most that the team sputtered. Ramming Melvin Gordon up the middle near the goal line has proved ineffective and it would be smart for the team to look in another direction. Is Mike Williams good at jump balls? Asking for a friend.

Cranberry Sauce:

Not too much to complain about yesterday so let's get real. Who’s actually eating that? [Editor’s Note: My wonderful girlfriend made some excellent cranberry sauce yesterday.]

The Ugly:

Nick Novak:

The Chargers left an unspeakable amount of points on the field with the terrible way they’ve approached this kicking situation. The kickoffs barely reach the end zone, and overall Nick can’t be trusted.

Punt Returns:

Why the Chargers continue to put Travis Benjamin back to return punts is sickening. Yes, he has a Punt Return Touchdown this year, but he also has the exact opposite. After those cancel out, you’ve got a timid, unaware gadget player that shouldn’t have as much responsibility as he does. Travis gave up twenty yards alone just by not fair-catching his punts. It’s time to make a switch.