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The Denver Broncos Have Fired Mike McCoy

The Broncos have had enough

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL’s official website reports today, the Broncos have fired their Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy. Chargers fans know McCoy as their head coach from 2013 to 2016.

Not many Bolts fans have warm, fuzzy memories of the McCoy years. When he was hired he was the youngest current-serving Head Coach in the NFL. The Chargers in 2013 actually amassed a 9-7 record and headed to the playoffs as the AFC’s 6th seed. Once there, they sent the Cincinnati Bengals packing during what was probably McCoy’s finest hour as a Head Coach.

Following that 2013 season, the Chargers followed it up with another 9-7 non-playoff season, then 4-12, and finally 5-11. The Chargers changed their Head Coach, their home city, and lots of personnel after 2016.

The Broncos picked up McCoy as their Offensive Coordinator. He had previously served as the OC in Denver from 2008 - 2012. They were excited to have him back for the 2017 campaign, but have since soured on their re-hire.

The Broncos offense started out quite well under Trevor Siemian but has sputtered lately. After this latest 6-game losing streak under Siemian and Osweiler, the Broncos have had enough. McCoy is likely just the first casualty of what will be a large overhaul for the Denver coaching staff.

Bill Musgrave has been named the Offensive Coordinator for the Broncos for the remainder of the season.

The LA Chargers were one of the teams also expected to make a change in the OC position either during or after this season. After their 54-24 rout of the Bills, however, perhaps current coordinator Ken Whisenhunt has figured out the cogs in the Chargers’ offensive machine. If not, Mike McCoy might just send in a resume again...

-Jason “How do you survive being a Chargers fan? Norv-Turner and Hooch” Michaels