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The AFC West Is Garbage... but the Chargers Are Kings of the Heap!

Only one team in the AFC West won on Sunday— the Chargers.

“Litter is coming..”
Jason Michaels

Sunday was one of those days that dreams are made of—at least, for LA Chargers fans. You are probably aware that the Broncos seem lost out there. After trotting out Brock Osweiler for the second straight week (and 6th straight loss), the Broncos lost to the similarly hapless Cincinnati Bengals.

The Oakland Raiders got completely dismantled by the Patriots. A pre-season favorite on many lists, the Raiders have plummeted and shown increasing proof that the wheels have officially come off from the 2016 campaign.

Both of these have nothing on the emotional pummeling that the Chiefs took by losing to the New York Giants in overtime. In what was a surprisingly tight game (tied 9-9 by the end of regulation), the Chiefs look nothing like the juggernaut that they were when starting the season 5-0.

Each team didn’t just lose gracefully— they either got decimated on the field, added to a disappointing losing streak, or simply got embarrassed. Each team can claim at least two of those points, and none look like they can contend down the stretch.

This would normally be good news for the Chargers, but it doesn’t stop there. They didn’t just win on Sunday. They obliterated a playoff-hungry Bills team. In the first half alone, this game was a massacre in all the right ways. The Chargers are the only team in the AFC West that currently look like they are improving.

The Chargers do not have a good record. They currently sit at 4-6 and are two games behind the 6-4 Chiefs. However, in an odd off-year for both the AFC and the West, in particular, the Chargers are still alive in both the Division and the Wild Card races.

Yes, Thanksgiving looms large. BUT, if the Chargers can put away a Cowboys team that doesn’t look at all like the monster that they were in 2016, then this next week is nothing but good news. If the Chiefs win— the Chargers are in great position for Wild Card. If they lose, well, the Chargers officially control their own destiny.

Oh, and those same Cowboys just played a very late Sunday night game, got dismantled and embarrassed, and have more drama than any other team in the league without question. The AFC West is a garbage heap, but the Chargers are currently sitting on a stinky throne of potential. It’s good to be the king.

-Jason “I’m just throne it out there” Michaels