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Chargers-Bills Final Score: Chargers Destroy Bills 54-24, Chase Rookie QB Nathaniel Peterman

The Los Angeles Chargers dominated all aspects of the game against the Buffalo Bills and cruised to an easy victory at home.

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers defense was suffocating, and turned out to be too much in Nathaniel Peterman’s first career start with the Buffalo Bills, scoring two defensive touchdowns and forcing six total turnovers.

Tyrod Taylor earned his starting spot back at halftime, but by then the L.A. lead had grown too large and the Bills didn’t stand a chance.

Let’s get to the game notes!

1st Quarter

Nathan Peterman starts his career with an interception, albeit one that bounces off his fullback’s hands, and Korey Toomer returns it for a defensive touchdown for the Los Angeles Chargers.

In the next series, more of the same. Peterman throws off his back foot and into the hands of a Chargers defender, but it turns into zero points after a missed Nick Novak field goal.

With luck now on their side, the Buffalo Bills find some holes for LeSean McCoy and it takes him about a play and a half to find his way into the end zone. Tie game.

The Chargers fight their way down the field and eventually settle for a FG when the Bills’ defense hears Rivers audible at the line on 3rd down and know exactly what play is coming. That was not great. 10-7 Chargers.

There was another Bills’ interception. I know, shocker.

2nd Quarter

Philip Rivers came here today to throw passes to Keenan Allen and jaw at Anthony Lynn on the sidelines, apparently. I’m not mad at it.

The old “throw the ball to Keenan Allen” play works for a touchdown this time! I can’t figure out how he’s still getting one-on-one coverage when Rivers is clearly throwing to him every play. 17-7 Chargers.

You’re never going to believe this: Nathan Peterman threw another interception and then Philip Rivers threw a TD pass to Keenan Allen. 24-7 Chargers.

Melvin Gordon breaks out a couple of big runs, gets the Chargers within striking distance, and then Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry take turns dropping catchable balls in the end zone. Novak FG. 27-7 Chargers.

One of my favorite sports phrases is “boat race”, used to describe a blowout. I can’t wait to break out “boat race!” in the second half.

The Chargers’ 2-minute drill included a 30 yard pass to an open Keenan Allen and an embarrassingly easy 15 yard TD run for Melvin Gordon. I think the Bills are giving up on this one. 34-7 Chargers with a minute left in the half.

That was apparently enough time for Peterman to throw another pick, his 5th in the half. Hell of a start to the kid’s career.

A couple of quick passes and the Chargers are in FG range with a couple of seconds left in the half. Novak makes his 3rd FG (out of 4 attempts) of the day and L.A. goes into the locker room up 37-7. Wow.

3rd Quarter

Yawn. The Chargers drive down the field, Rivers tries unsuccessfully to get a TD to either Antonio Gates or Mike Williams because he’s bored of throwing TD passes to Keenan Allen at this point, and Nick Novak hits a FG. 40-7 Chargers.

Tyrod Taylor comes into the game for Nate Peterman (finally) and immediately leads the Bills on a 46 yard drive that ends with a Buffalo FG. 40-10 Chargers lead. This thing is about to get competitive.

Nevermind. Bosa sacked Tyrod Taylor, who fumbled the ball straight to Melvin Ingram, who ran it into the end zone for the Chargers’ second defensive touchdown of the day. 47-10 Chargers.

4th Quarter

Tyrod Taylor ran for about half of the Bills’ yards on the way to their 2nd TD of the game, this one also attributed to LeSean McCoy (who now has 1 rush TD and 1 rec TD). 47-17 Chargers. The lead is shrinking!

Kellen Clemens is now in at QB and Melvin Gordon also appears to have been replaced by Austin Ekeler. Some rest before a short week never hurt anybody.

50 burger! BOAT RACE!

If you hand Austin Ekeler the ball enough, he’s eventually going to get into the second level and end up in the end zone. 21 yard score. 54-17, Bills getting boat raced by the Chargers.

Tyrod Taylor looks like a much better QB than Nate Peterman, I must say. He runs into the end zone to make the clock stop and give his team some points. 54-24 Chargers.

Doing some Nate Peterman math because I’m bored. He completed 6 passes, threw 5 interceptions, and threw just 3 other incompletions. The ground caught less of his passes than the Chargers did.

Game over.