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Chargers-Jaguars Final Score: Los Angeles Chargers Lose in Overtime to the Jacksonville Jaguars 20-17

One of the craziest games of the season could not be contained by regulation. This one went to overtime.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

Jacksonville won the toss and elected to defer. The Chargers offense got the all first. Hunter Henry saw the first target of the game and picked up solid yardage. Melvin Gordon turned his first carry into a 1st down. Austin Ekeler’s first carry went for 7 yards on 1st down. Gordon had the opportunity to pick up another 1st down on 2nd & 3 but one-on-one with a defensive back he stopped his feet. This set up a 3rd & 1. The line got no push and Gordon is incapable of getting yards on his own. Drew Kaser came on to punt and put it into the end zone for a touchback.

Leonard Fournette’s first touch of the day was a 2-yard carry. Korey Toomer got the stop. Allen Hurns took a short pass to the right and turned it into a big gain. Tre Boston added another 15 yards on top of it with a moronic penalty. Denzel Perryman made his presence felt on the next play stopping Fournette for no gain. On the next play, though, Fournette ran for 8 yards to set up a 3rd & 2. Quick pressure from Melvin Ingram forced an errant throw and the Jaguars were forced to punt.

Gordon was unable to get anything going on a run up the middle. Philip Rivers found Keenan Allen for 7 yards on 2nd down to set up 3rd & 2. They lined up in shotgun and attempted a short passing play to the right side on a bootleg that never had a chance. Kaser’s punt was returned just short of the 40.

Perryman showed up again stopping Fournette for a short gain. Bortles then looked to Marqise Lee for a 3-yard reception. On 3rd & 5, Lee came down with the ball, but an emphatic tackle by Casey Hayward stopped him sort of the line to gain and forced a Jacksonville punt that was downed inside the 10.

Philip Rivers looked deep on 1st down and was nearly picked off. Austin Ekeler ran for 9 yards on 2nd & 10 to set up 3rd & 1. The Chargers again elected to pass on 3rd & short. It was nearly intercepted but on replay the ball hit the ground. Also, Philip Rivers was nearly snapped in half on the play and there should have been a flag but there wasn’t. That allowed the punting unit to come on. A running into the punter penalty should have moved the sticks, but an illegal touching penalty offset it and the Chargers punted again.

Keelan Cole saw his first target of the game to start the drive and picked up 13 yards. Kyle Emanuel was sacked Blake Bortles on the next play, but the referees missed him clearly being down and Anthony Lynn was forced to challenge the ruling on the field. Lee beat Trevor Williams for a 10-yard gain on 2nd down. Perryman was asked to cover T.J. Yeldon on 3rd down and that predictably resulted in a 1st down. Fournette got the ball on the next two plays and totaled only 4 yards. On 3rd & 6, they threw the ball behind the line of scrimmage and the Chargers were able to stop him. A fake punt by the Jaguars resulted in a long touchdown, but at least Josh Lambo missed the extra point.

Melvin Gordon was stopped for a one-yard gain on the last play of the 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter

Gordon redeemed himself a bit on 2nd down by taking a short pass for a new set of downs. And again on 1st down, he picked up 5 yards. Mike Williams saw his first action of the day on 2nd down taking a short pass to the right for 4 yards. On 3rd & 1, Gordon made it past the sticks in part thanks to a hurry up by Rivers.

Perryman made a big stop on 1st down. Desmond King did the same on 2nd. Bortles was able to buy time and find Fournette for a 1st down on 3rd, though, after Perryman could not stay with him. Yeldon picked up 3 yards on 1st down and Fournette added 6 more on 2nd to bring up 3rd & 1. Perryman, again, was there, though, and allowed Jahleel Addae to tackle Fournette for a loss.

Three pass attempts. Zero yards. Punt. The offense could not get anything going agains the Jaguars pass defense.

The Jaguars next drive did not start much better as an illegal block lost them 14 yards. Chris Ivory was then stopped for a short game. And on the next play, a screen pass went nowhere as the defense swarmed immediately. On 3rd and long, Marqise Lee picked up some yards but came nowhere near the line to gain and that resulted in a punt. A moronic penalty by Rayshawn Jenkins pushed the Chargers back to start their drive.

Derek Watt made a rare appearance in the passing game and picked up a 1st down. Tyrell Williams caught his first pass of the game for 30 yards. On the next play, Rivers fumbled the snap. On the play after, he hit Tyrell in the chest for what should have been an easy touchdown but Williams let the ball go through his hands. Allen kept the drive alive on 3rd down. Gordon rushed for 2 yards on 1st down. Then, on 2nd & 8, Austin Ekeler took a short pass 28 yards for a touchdown. He somehow incredibly stayed in bounds to do it. Replay confirmed that he did.

A pair of Jaguar runs ran out the clock on the first half.

3rd Quarter

Fournette’s first play of the 2nd half went for only 2 yards with Joey Bosa making the tackle. Bortles took a shot deep to Marcedes Lews on the next play but it fell incomplete. On 3rd & 8, Desmond King flushed Bortles from the pocket and brought him down for a sack. Brad Nortman then came on to punt.

Travis Benjamin carried on 1st down for a 1st down on a “speed sweep.” An ineffective Gordon run and an incomplete attempt toward Tyrell Williams resulted in 3rd & 9. Ekeler showed up again to convert it on a tough run up the middle. Ekeler got the call again on 1st down with a 9-yard reception. Gordon returned to the field and lost yardage again. They got him off the field and Ekeler took another short pass to the house for six points.

The Jaguars looked to respond with a 36-yard catch by Keelan Cole over Trevor Williams. Fournette lost a yard on the next play and Bortles was sacked by Joey Bosa on the one after that. Bortles scrambled for 11 yards on 3rd down and looking at a manageable 4th down, the Jaguars tried to go for it. After an incomplete pass the Chargers offense returned to the field. Bosa had pressure and Williams provided a pass break up on the play.

A 5-yard reception by Allen followed by a 5-yard run from Ekeler moved the chains. Three incomplete passes followed and the Chargers were forced to punt.

One-on-one in the open field, Perryman was able to tackle Leonard Fournette to stop him after a 5-yard gain. Hurns beat Perryman for 6 yards and a 1st down on the next play. On 1st & 10, the Jaguars tried to run a screen, but it wasn’t there and Bortles threw the ball away. Quick pressure from Joey Bosa and Darius Philon stopped the next play before it could get started. On 3rd & 10, Bortles had a clean pocket and time to find Lee for 19 yards and a 1st down. Jatavis Brown had good coverage on the next play to help force an incompletion. Hurns got loose up the seam for a 1st down on the next snap. Cole was wide open downfield but Bortles overthrew him. On the next play, Lewis moved the sticks with a 21-yard gain. Marqise Lee finished the drive off with a receiving touchdown.

The first play of the drive went to Antonio Gates for his first catch of the day. Ekeler was then stopped at the line of scrimmage for no gain after a missed block by Spencer Pulley. On 3rd & 7, Melvin Gordon caught a pass underneath several yards short of the sticks. Kaser came on to punt it away.

4th Quarter

On their first play of the 4th quarter, Jacksonville backed themselves up with a false start. An incomplete pass resulted in 2nd & 15. Another incomplete pass gave them 3rd & 15. The defense allowed an underneath completion and Perryman made the tackle to force 4th down.

Tyrell Williams started the drive with a 19-yard catch and run. Gordon tacked on 3 more on the next play. After that, Allen made a really tough catch and held onto the ball for a 19-yard gain. Dan Feeney moved the offense backward with a hold on the following snap. 1st & 20 turned into 2nd & 20 after Rivers had to throw the ball away. Ekeler turned a dumpoff into 14 yards on his next touch. On 3rd & 6, Rivers had immediate pressure in his face and he had to throw the ball away. Nick Novak then attempted and converted a 50-yard field goal, his longest of the season.

Philon stopped Fournette for a short gain on 1st down, but Hurns moved the sticks with a reception on the next play. Tre Boston dropped an easy pick-six that would have all but iced the game. On 3rd down, Bosa had quick pressure and forced an errant throw. A short punt gave the Chargers good field position.

Allen carried the ball for 6 yards on 1st down and laid a big hit on the defender. Gordon picked up 3 on 2nd down. Gordon got the call again on 3rd down and was predictably short. After a measurement, the Chargers elected to punt.

Blake Bortles scrambled for 14 yards on the first play of the drive after the Chargers vacated the middle of the field. Back-to-back incompletions set up 3rd & 10. The Chargers were without Hayward who left the field with what appeared to be cramping. Tre Boston and Jahleel Addae combined to stop Bortles short of the sticks on 3rd down. Jacksonville lined up to go for it but punted after a false start moved them back.

Austin Ekeler rushed up the middle for 7 yards. He got the call again on 2nd down and fought hard for the 1st down. He picked up 5 more on 1st down but was stopped behind the line on 2nd down. Rivers tried to connect deep with Travis Benjamin but Benjamin had to play defense to prevent an interception. Rivers took another big shot on the play.

Bortles checked down to Chris Ivory but could not complete the pass. The Jags picked up a Chargers blitz and Bortles found Cole for a 1st down. Hurns was stopped after a 6-yard gain and clock wound town to the 2-minute warning. Hayward tipped Bortles’ pass up in the air and Tre Boston came down with the tip drill interception.

The Chargers started the drive with a delay of game. They followed that up with a fumble that was returned for a touchdown, but he was ruled down so the Chargers remained alive.

Trevor Williams was flagged for defensive pass interference on the first play of the drive to put the Jags in field goal range. T.J. Yeldon got open but could not catch the pass aimed his way on 1st down. Tre Boston hit Lee hard but legally. Lee was then flagged for taunting. This moved the Jaguars back to the Chargers 37. Tre Boston then picked off Bortles again.

Melvin Gordon rushed three times for a total of 6 yards. The Jaguars used the last of their timeouts and forced a punt with 68 seconds on the clock.

Trevor Williams made an amazing play to deflect a deep pass to Tre Boston and he just missed another interception. A Joey Bosa personal foul moved the Jaguars into field goal range and Josh Lambo made 34-yarder to force overtime.

The Jaguars were moving the ball well to start their drive, but found themselves facing a 3rd & 1 at midfield. He initially looked short, but after discussion the referees called it a 1st down. A short run set up 2nd & 8. The Jags took a deep shot and came up empty. On 3rd & 8, Bortles threw the ball away as he was flushed from the pocket. Jacksonville’s punt pinned the Chargers at their own 10.

Rivers passed short for 1 yard to Gordon on 1st down. On 2nd & 9, Rivers threw too low to Allen. On 3rd & 9, Rivers was picked off deep on a target to Travis Benjamin. It was nearly returned for a touchdown. A dumb penalty by Marise Lee backed them up to their 20.

With their longsnapper injured, the Jaguars continued running offensive plays. They handed off to Fournette twice. They probably should have attempted the field goal on 3rd down in case of a bad snap. They instead ran a play to put the ball on Lambo’s desired hash. The Chargers called a timeout to ice Lambo. Then they were flagged for delay of game to make Lambo’s kick shorter. He, of course, made it to win the game.