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SNF Open Thread: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Bill Belichick breaks down the Broncos run offense and defense as key for the game - Pats Pulpit
Belichick notes that the Broncos defense plays a “true 1 gap” style where every single gap on the offensive line is covered against the run and that there are plays controlling the edge and that makes it difficult to move the ball up the gut unless the blockers have an emphatic win over the defenders.

Broncos-Patriots preview: How Denver can pull off the massive upset - Mile High Report
It’s clear to everyone but the people at Dove Valley that none of the quarterbacks “give you the best chance to win,” so just direct snap it to Jamaal Charles, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Aqib Talib and Von Miller. “The best chance to win” phrase is the prevent defense of NFL cliches: When you have to say that, you’re guaranteed to never win. So Vance Joseph and Mike McCoy need to show some creativity and actually give the Broncos the best chance to win by not playing Brock Osweiler or Trevor Siemian.