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Joey Bosa Is Already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Joey Bosa is sacking QBs at a historic level, and comparing him to some of the best Chargers pass rushers in history tells us he’s about to get a lot better.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Football Hall of Fame received a noteworthy artifact from Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa this week.

On October 29th against the New England Patriots, Bosa recorded his 19th career sack, the most by any player in their first 20 games. That is ridiculous.

The Hall of Fame received Bosa's jersey and gloves from the game. Here is a video of the staff at the Hall of Fame unboxing the items from Bosa:

First of all, that shirt is awesome and I want one.

Second, Bosa might be the most dominant pass-rusher to ever throw on a Chargers jersey (Dwight Freeney doesn’t count) that doesn’t have some sort of steroid allegations following him around.

It’s easy to lose perspective on a player this great because of how desperate the team was for him and how high of a pick he was, but let’s compare....

Melvin Ingram signed a 4-year contract worth $64 million this offseason. Over the last 2.5 seasons (40 games), he has been a very-good-to-great pass rusher and nobody is batting an eye on the big time price tag on him. Over that time, he has 27 sacks. Bosa’s current pace would put him at 38 sacks over his first 40 games.

If you want to compare Bosa’s first 20 games to Ingram’s first 20 games, it gets even more insane. Ingram had just 2 sacks after 20 games in the NFL, compared to Bosa’s 19.

Comparing Bosa to Shawne Merriman is even more fun. Merriman had 15.5 sacks in his first 20 games, and then 11.5 sacks in his next 7 games.

Have I made my point? Bosa is great and all signs are that Bosa is going to get even better, relatively soon. This probably won’t be the last time he’s sending a pair of gloves to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.