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Chargers Celebrate First Win by Offering Fans an Expired Coupon

Even when the Chargers win, they lose.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers have won their first game of the season! For Chargers fans, it’s a win that’s long overdue, with no-one expecting the Chargers to go 0-4. Unfortunately, it looks like the Chargers marketing team weren’t expecting it to take so long for the Chargers to get their first win of the season either:

The Chargers original tweet is now deleted, but Reddit user BeefJurky was able to take a screenshot:

Expires 9/25. From the looks of things, the Chargers marketing department had this graphic made (presumably) at the start of the season ready to roll out once the Chargers won a game. As sad as it is that the Chargers are a measly 1-4, it’s pretty hilarious that they couldn’t even win a game before a coupon expired.