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FINAL SCORE: Los Angeles Chargers top New York Giants 27-22 after Odell Beckham Jr. injury

The Los Angeles Chargers picked up their first win of the year against the New York Giants by staying healthier over the course of the game.

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

In a matchup of two 0-4 teams, the Los Angeles Chargers came out on top over the New York Giants by a score of 27-22. It is Anthony Lynn’s first win as a head coach in the NFL.

After an impressive display by Melvin Gordon and the defense, highlighted by Joey Bosa’s two early sacks, the Chargers managed to make it to halftime with a 10-9 lead despite a lack of production from the passing game.

In the second half, Philip Rivers continued to struggle with consistency, throwing a bad interception in the end zone and nearly giving up a second safety before leading the team down the field again in a drive that ended with a 25-yard TD pass to TE Hunter Henry.

However, everyone knew it was just a matter of time before Odell Beckham Jr. came alive and he answered the Henry TD catch with a 48 yard TD catch of his own. Unfortunately, he left the game a little while later with what looked like a major ankle injury. That’s when the Chargers were able to take control of the game.

On the play after Beckham’s injury, Melvin Ingram sacked Eli Manning (Ingram’s 2nd sack of the game, matching Bosa) and forced a fumble on the Giants’ 11 yard line. Rivers followed that up with another passing TD to Melvin Gordon, making the score 27-22, and the Giants were unable to respond with only 1 healthy WR left on the roster.

I believe the Chargers were the beneficiaries of some injury luck today, and the same could ring true next week when they head to Oakland to play the Raiders without Derek Carr. Perhaps all of the bad luck that haunted the Chargers in the first month of the season is truly in the rearview mirror.