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Los Angeles Chargers Waive Dexter McCoil, Promote Andre Williams

The Chargers have called up a third healthy RB to the roster in time for tomorrow’s game.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, the Chargers announced this roster move:

Even though Williams will only be on the active roster as the #3 RB while Branden Oliver nurses a hamstring injury, this is a really irritating move. In part, that’s down to the fact that Andre Williams just isn’t very good. Mainly, though, this move is annoying because the Chargers are once again failing to properly utilise the talent at their disposal. Let’s take a look at some things:

Firstly, the Chargers have a terrible Special Teams Unit, and McCoil is one of the best ST players on the roster, if not the best (granted, Andre Williams can also do a job there, but he’s not at McCoil’s level).

Secondly, the Chargers have been struggling a bit in the Safety department. McCoil hasn’t played a single snap at safety all season.

Most egregiously, though: The Chargers LBs are flat out bad right now, save for Jatavis Brown. In the CFL, Dexter McCoil played as a LB, and he was absolutely incredible, winning a whole host of awards. The Chargers should be giving McCoil some looks at LB, rather than cutting him and continuing to trot out Hayes Pullard in a starting role.

At the end of the day, it’s unlikely McCoil will be claimed, and he’ll probably be back with the team soon. That doesn’t excuse the team making a bad decision and cutting McCoil, who could easily be productive for the team if given the chance.