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Los Angeles Chargers at New York Giants: NFL Week 5 Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives their predictions for Sunday’s clash with the Giants.

San Diego Chargers v New York Giants Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Matthew Stanley: 31-21 Chargers. This team hasn't shown me they can win yet, so this is purely emotional. This is very likely the last time Rivers (as a Charger or ever) takes on Eli, and I want Rivers to win. I think they have the tools to win as long as they can actually tackle, and get something going in the rushing game. The Defense will do their part and sack Eli 4-5 times and the Defense will get a turnover finally.

Jason Michaels: I think that the Chargers pull out the win. These are both teams that should be better based on the sum of their parts, but that's not how the game works. The coaching for the Giants is probably their weakest attribute, and that means that personnel moves, clock management, and penalties will be the keys to the game. Chargers should be able to hold on 27-20 while the Giants have 1:14 on the clock and fail to get downfield.

Richard Wade: The Chargers will fall to 0-5 this week. Traveling across the country for a 10 a.m. start is already bad. You couple that with the fact that the Chargers have been absurdly bad this season and that the Giants need this home win and you have a recipe for disaster. Giants 26 - 20 Chargers

Ryan Doyle: 20-17 Chargers. I decided to buy Yankees playoff tickets instead of going to this game. Which definitely means that the Chargers will win this ball game.

In all seriousness, I think the Bolts defense finally finds a way to force some turnovers and Nick Novak seals the game with a field goal as time expires.

Louis Gorini: Well I’m attending the game this Sunday and will be doing my best Frankie Coffeecake impression (yea I just dropped A Bronx Tale reference). As the maloik, I fully expect to jinx the Chargers and be responsible for them losing. Chargers once again won’t be able to establish the run against the Giants front, and Rivers will have trouble throwing against the GMen’s s secondary. The Bolts defense keeps them in the game with their pass rush but the second and third levels in their defense will give up to many big pass plays to Engram, Shepard, and ODB. The Giants put the Chargers in the bathroom and defeat LA, 21-17

Jamie Hoyle: The Giants suck and are poorly coached. The Chargers suck and are (I think) slightly better coached. Neither team can run the ball, but the Chargers have at least shown an ability to keep Philip Rivers relatively clean. I have a feeling this game is a coming out party for Hunter Henry and we see a couple splash plays from Austin Ekeler in an expanded role that sees him get around 10 touches. But most importantly, I think the Chargers pass rush fuels the offense with a couple turnovers leading to short fields. Chargers win 27-23.

Basically, I think the Chargers suck a little less than the Giants and stumble their way into a win. The Giants are awful.

Michael Peterson: In an intense, ferocious battle amongst quarterbacks gunning to prove themselves superior over their fellow '04 draft class member, Philip Rivers and the Chargers sneaks out a narrow victory over Eli by winning the interception battle 2-3.

Garrett Sisti: While everyone is predicting a QB battle I think Lynn can’t wait to test out his new kicker relying on too many field goals in this contest. Chargers still get the win when they could’ve put this game away early, 19-17.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: This will be the game that will decide if the Chargers really are as bad as their record shows. At 0-4, a loss to another winless team will deal the death blow to the season. Let's face it, its probably too late anyways for them to make the playoffs, but a loss would certainly seal the deal so early in the season. Which means, the Chargers will win and begin that climb to a .500 record and piss us all off. 20-17 LAC.


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