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Breaking: Chargers Waive Younghoe Koo, Sign Nick Novak

San Diego Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Oh, Chargers. I admire making a change. The timing is, interesting, to say the least.

It was clear the coaching staff had no confidence in Koo when 2 weeks ago they opted to punt from inside the 40 after taking a delay of game penalty. Before we get to Novak, how mad do you think Josh Lambo is? Maybe a better question would be how bad was he in practice to where they didn’t want to bring him back to the team.

As for Novak, he’s long been a consistent kicker but the gripe about him as been touchbacks. He was released before the season after spending 2 seasons with the Texans for a younger kicker with a stronger leg. That’s just how the game works. He is back and here’s to hoping that consistency carries over for the Chargers.

I didn’t pay attention to Koo’s kickoffs so maybe somebody can help me out here, but the timing of this release is weird as it seemed like the young kicker was gaining confidence and was just getting over the hump the last 2 games. I suppose it was too little too late. Did the Chargers make the right move by waiving Koo? Should they have replaced him with anyone else? Let us know.