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Chargers vs. Giants: 5 Questions with the Enemy

Ed Valentine of Big Blue View took the time to answer a few questions for us about the New York Giants.

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We don’t get to see the Giants that often, so it was especially interesting to hear from Ed Valentine of Big Blue View about them this week. He took some time out of his day to answer five questions for us:

1. The Giants run game has been pretty awful this season. Is Wayne Gallman the answer? Or is there an answer?

I don't know if Gallman is the "answer," but after an encouraging debut last week he deserves more opportunities. I always believe blocking is more important than who is actually running the ball and the Giants run-blocking hasn't been good, but Paul Perkins is averaging 1.9 yards per that who is actually running the ball and the Giants run-blocking hasn't been good, but Paul Perkins is averaging 1.9 yards per carry. No other Giants back is averaging less than 3.8. Some of that has to be on Perkins.

Ex-Charger D.J. Fluker started for the first time last week, and his physicality helped the Giants in the run game. I have no idea, though, whether Fluker will start again as the Giants offensive line has been in flux all year due to injuries.

2. Eli Manning has been rather ineffective for years now, but he looks especially bad this season. Is he done?

I'm going to disagree with both the idea that he has been "ineffective for years" and that he looks "especially bad this season." Some might think I'm a Manning apologist for that stance, but I don't believe so.

Manning hasn't been perfect this season, but he's been pretty good. His completion percentage is easily the highest of his career. The last two weeks he has been really, really good. The saddest part of the Giants being 0-4 is they are wasting the play of a quarterback who is showing he can still get it done at a high level.

He will always throw an off-target ball on occasion or make a throw he probably shouldn't, but he's done that for 14 years. He doesn't have a lot of time left, but his play so far this season is showing he isn't done.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. seems to have completely changed the offense for the better. Just how good is he?

Beckham is really special. His route-running is amazing, and his quickness allows him to get out of breaks in an eye-blink. He's fighting through an ankle injury that limits the thing he does best, which is take a quick throw, usually a slant, and turn it into a long play. That's the thing about Beckham -- he turns the ordinary play into extraordinary better than anyone else.

4. Who is a player that Chargers fans might not be familiar with that we should be watching for during the game?

A single player? That's tough. I'm going to give you first-round pick Evan Engram, a player that fans probably know of but might not realize how good he has been. This kid is producing like he's already one of the better pass-catching tight ends in the league. Goods hands, speed to challenge defenses down the field, good route-running. He's really a big wide receiver playing tight end.

5. What is your score prediction for the game? Why?

I'm going to pick the Giants in an ugly game, 24-20. Why? Because the Giants are home and they have to win a game sooner or later.