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NFL Power Rankings: Chargers Still Have Not Earned Any Respect

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The general consensus has the Chargers ranked around 20-21 in the NFL. I get that analysts don’t want to rank a team who is 3-4 over teams with more wins (and/or) fewer losses. I get it, but I don’t agree with it. If you are really going to rank teams based on their power at this point in time, why not rank them based on how scary they may be to other teams?

Good Morning Football Schrager “Chargers are one team I would not want to face right now.”

On Good Morning Football, we have an inkling of truth. The Chargers have some crazy momentum right now, and while it hasn’t been pretty, they have found a way to win each week. Now, let’s get into these B.S. rankings.

SBNation - 21

The Chargers jump from 26 to 21 in SBNation's latest ranking.

ESPN - 18

After being ranked 24 last week, the Chargers have jumped up 6 spots to number 18. Their chances of winning the AFC West now sit at 3.2%, which was .1% only three weeks ago. - 22

Citing three consecutive wins, has the Chargers ranked at #22 this week.

Washington Post - 17

After winning their third game in a row, the Chargers have jumped 9 spots to #17 on the Washington Post's most recent ranking. Hopefully they continue to rise. - 23

Despite the positivity surrounding the Chargers, not everyone views them as a legitimate contender, with ranking them #23.

Niners Nation - 24

I don't know why it matters what some 49ers fan thinks, but the Chargers are ranked 24th on their list.

Bleacher Report - 20

On Bleacher Report's most recent ranking, the author writes that while the Chargers are winning, they still have a lot of work to do, and if Philip Rivers can return to his vintage self, this team can be something special. They jump up this week to 20 from 26 last week.

Yahoo - 19

In a slight bump over last week, the Chargers move up to #19, despite yahoo's knowledge that only a few plays kept the Chargers from being 5-2 right now. Looks like they expect the Chargers to keep moving up.

Sports Illustrated - 19

Sports Illustrated is really going to rank the Broncos one spot over the Chargers after being shut out by the Chargers on Sunday? I guess it's hard to rank a team who has lost 4 games already any higher than 19.

If rankings were based on how a team is performing at this point in time, I guarantee the Chargers would be a top-10 team. For win streaks in the NFL, the Chargers are tied for 3rd (with 4 other teams), behind the Eagles and Saints. Let’s hope the Chargers keep winning and creeping up those rankings.