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8 Takeaways From the Chargers Victory Over the Broncos

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, everyone, what was your biggest takeaway from this weekend’s game against the Denver Broncos?

Matthew Stanley: This is now Anthony Lynn’s team. The torch has 100% been passed and this team has a leader who will hold people accountable and won’t be bashful about telling people they aren’t pulling their weight.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: I really liked what I saw from the team, even if the defense clearly carried the offense. However, the Broncos--just like the Raiders--proved to be the mediocre team I personally thought they were. The road will only get tougher from here on out, so hopefully, Stanley's take is the truth, that Lynn truly is building a winning culture.

Louis Gorini: My biggest takeaway from this weeks game is the Chargers have a new identity. There is a passing of the guard and this team is officially a defensive team. Gone are the days where the offense would fly down the field to put up a boatload of points. The Chargers have transitioned to a physical, ball controlling offense with a defense that can neutralize their opponents and keep them in every game.

Kyle Posey: I think the staff understands what kinda team they are now. “Ground & pound”, even if there isn’t much success. Dink & dunk with an occasional shot downfield. Rely on your defense for field position and turnovers. For the opposition to make mistakes.

Ryan Doyle: My one takeaway was how physical the Chargers defense played. The Bolts have been known as a finesse team in the past and to see them dominate the Broncos up front was impressive. I think this is the imprint that Anthony Lynn wanted to have. Signs of it are starting to show.

Grant Baden: What's obvious is this team gets better every week. They've shown they can play well enough to compete with every team, and even though this was as complete of a game as they've played, I'm still cautiously optimistic. They need an effective run game for an entire game if they want to keep winning close ones, and they need to be able to stop the run when their opponent has a capable quarterback

Michael Peterson: My biggest takeaway is that the coaching staff has given the team and fan base hope for the future just by simply being able to take a step back, realize what works and what doesn't, and just executing those things well. The hot-handed players are being utilized and those who aren't pulling their weight are taking a backseat to those who are. It's refreshing and almost surreal to see it happen before our eyes.

Richard Wade: For me, the thing that stood out from this game was that the Chargers felt in control almost the entire game. Even when they failed to score from the 1, it still seemed like they were going to win. The way the team has played the last few weeks has really changed the experience I have had watching as a fan. Anthony Lynn seems to have figured out the things that he needed to change and at this point, I expect that he will keep doing what is in the best interest of winning games.

What was your biggest takeaway from the game? Let us know in the comments.