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PODCAST: There’s no coming back from this

The Los Angeles Chargers are 0-4 and John Gennaro can soundly predict that they won’t make it to 8-8 or the NFL Playoffs this year. This sucks.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There’s nothing about today that’s not depressing.

The Los Angeles Chargers are 0-4 and careening towards 0-8 or 1-7 or maybe 2-6 if their luck really turns around, but history tells us that it won’t.

To avoid reaching 0-6 they’ll have to beat an underwhelming New York Giants team in New Jersey in their first 10am PT game of the season. Oh, and they’ll have to do it with the worst QB play they’ve since since the 2012 season that included a 1-7 run in the middle of the season and led to the firing of Norv Turner as the team’s head coach.

(NOTE: Outside of that 2012 season, this is the worst QB play of Philip Rivers’ entire career. He shares a 47.5 QBR with Jacoby Brissett and has added -1.0 points to the team through four games.)

Seriously, I’m concerned about Philip Rivers. I don’t think anything is seriously wrong, but El Capitan always seemed like the happiest guy on the field and now he arguably seems like the unhappiest guy on the field. I really hope this relocation didn’t suck the joy out of the game for him.

Also, the running game that was supposed to be good off the back of Anthony Lynn and Melvin Gordon has been terrible. Melvin Gordon is as bad as he was his rookie season again, perhaps due to injury. There is no backup plan for him and the team can’t run because the roster Tom Telesco has constructed puts a low value on offensive linemen, a philosophy not shared by any winning team in the league.

This sucks. This really sucks.