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Who Will Mike Williams Take Snaps Away From?

Will Travis Benjamin or Tyrell Williams be the one standing on the sideline?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I asked the staff who do you think Mike Williams should take snaps away from Tyrell Williams or Travis Benjamin?

Richard Wade: Both are going to end up losing snaps to Mike Williams, but I think the bigger sacrifice should be made by Benjamin. He is already getting fewer snaps than Tyrell Williams and frankly, the team is not going to miss having him on the field. In theory, his speed should affect the defense in a way that benefits the rest of the offense but in practice, his presence just is not that important.

Jamie Sewell: Both. Tyrell hasn't been great this year but Travis needs his role reduced to more of a gadget player. 20-25 snaps a game ideally with a focus on getting him out in space (which Wiz has done a pretty good job of, to be fair.) Tyrell offers more as an all-around WR and as a YAC guy, but he should still sacrifice some snaps for the rookie.

Matthew Stanley: I actually think it might be Tyrell that loses the most snaps to Williams to start. They'll have him on a snap count so they'll want to maximize what he's supposed to do best, and that's high point the ball and fight for it, where would that be most important? The red zone, where Tyrell out-snaps Benjamin already.

Grant Baden: I’d rather see Mike Williams(or anyone) at punt returner than Travis to be honest.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I think Tyrell will be most hurt by Mike Dubb now available. Assuming he's half man/ half amazing, they drafted Mike Dubb to be either the no.1 or no. 2 Wr on this team. They drafted him with the 8th overall pick to be on the field on as many snaps as he can. It will be a steady climb in snap count in the next few weeks, but when its all said and done, mike dubb will be a starter.

Louis Gorini: Mike Williams should replace Travis Benjamin’s spot on the lineup. Benjamin is a one trick pony, deep ball specialist whereas Tyrell Williams can provide more size and diversity in his route running (slants, drag routes, and post patterns) and also has the ability to line up on the boundary or the slot.

Kyle Posey: Both is the easy answer but it’s also true. It’ll be a packaged deal. The team uses both receivers on short crossing pick plays they like to run. Ironically enough they prefer Tyrell in the slot over Travis. With Mike Williams, who will eventually start, I lean taking the majority of the snaps from Tyrell if I had to pick. Keenan can dominant inside. Neither Benjamin or Williams have been “good” this year but Benjamin has been better. He’s a better route runner and can give you those deep outs and comebacks. He also has more reliable hands. He complements Keenan and Mike the best as well.

What do you guys think, how should the rotation go and who should Mike Williams take snaps away from?