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Chargers-Eagles Final Score: Chargers Lose to the Eagles 26-24

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

Chargers won the toss and elected to receive. They quickly moved into Eagles territory aided by a long run from Melvin Gordon and a good catch and run from Travis Benjamin. Then Philip Rivers turned the ball over...again... Rivers was pushed out of the pocket then chased down from behind and stripped.
The Eagles responded with a good drive down the field with a long pass to Nelson Agholor, capped off with a TD pass to Alshon Jeffery.
The Chargers once again can’t get it going on offense. Gordon has another chunk yardage play, however, some poor downfield passes from Rivers force another punt.
The Eagles are able to drive again, however this time the Chargers Defense is able to get a sack and force Wentz to move way off his spot. They buckle down and the Eagles are forced to settle for a Field Goal.

Score: 10-0 Eagles

2nd Quarter

The Chargers offensive line is getting beat badly today, and to make matters worse, it looks like there are communication problems. Rivers is able to drive just past midfield but is forced to punt once again.
The Eagles are helping the Chargers defense keep their title for most missed tackles in the league. Eagles ball carriers are rarely going down on first contact. Jatavis Brown goes down with an ankle injury, no update on his status yet. Philly drives down and kicks another FG.
First play after the Philly FG, Rivers throws a beautiful deep ball to Tyrell Williams, who ran a perfect route, for a 75-yard touchdown. Just perfect.
Charger defense continues to “bend, don’t break.” The Eagles are able to push into LAC territory, taking advantage of the mismatch of Addae in coverage on pretty much anyone. The defense buckled down and a safety blitz from Adrian Phillips forces a throw away on 3rd down. Eagles rookie kicker nails his 3rd, of 3, FG of the day from 53.
The Chargers get the ball back with 1 minute left in the quarter. Rivers leads the team down the field starting with a fantastic 49-yard catch and run pass to Keenan Allen. A few plays later the Chargers are in the red zone but can’t make it into the end zone. Younghoe Koo is able to convert on a 28-yard attempt.

Score 16-10 Eagles

3rd Quarter

Eagles receive and the Chargers are able to force a quick 3 and out.
Rivers leads the Chargers down into Eagles territory, including a completion to Hunter Henry for a 1st down. On 4th and short the offense stayed on the field and something in the communication between Rivers and the sideline set Rivers off. He may have said his first cuss word. It was a bad look no matter the cause. Chargers are forced to punt and great coverage pinned the Eagles inside their own 15.
Carson Wentz is able to lead the offense down the field into FG range where the Charger defense is able to buckle down and force the kick. Eagles rookie kicker is 4/4.
Score 19-10 Eagles.

4th Quarter

Chargers were driving to start the 4th. The crosser to Tyrell Williams makes an appearance again and the Chargers benefit from a DPI call on a pass to Keenan Allen. Then rookie UDFA Austin Ekeler takes the ball 35 yards for a TD on his first carry in the NFL. Fantastic moment.
On the ensuing drive, the Defense’s poor tackling strikes again as they allow a 68 yard run to LeGarrette Blount. The team made multiple good plays on the goal line but committed multiple penalties inside the 5 giving the Eagles extra chances. Ultimately the Eagles are able to punch it in right through Damion Square. Back to a 2 score game.
The Chargers respond quickly. A crosser to Keenan Allen turns into a 50 yard gain, pushing the Offense into the red zone. Rivers takes advantage with his 2nd pass of the game to Hunter Henry for a just unbelievable catch for a TD. 1 score game.
Carson Wentz pushes methodically into Charger territory eating clock as he goes. Big 3rd and short, from the Chargers 42 with 2:22 left on the clock. They convert and keep going. Nobody can tackle Blount. Eagles eat enough clock, burn up enough Charger TO’s and kneel to victory.