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Open Thread: Clemson Tigers at Alabama Crimson Tide

Discuss the National Championship Game with your fellow Chargers fans here.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This year's National Championship Game is a rematch from last year's with the Alabama Crimson Tide seeking to defend their title against the Clemson Tigers. Nick Saban could make history with yet another National Title, and the odds suggest he is a favorite to do so.

For Chargers fans, the most interesting aspect of this game is from a scouting perspective. With the #7 overall pick in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft, the Chargers have an opportunity to get a premier talent much like they did last season with the #3 overall pick. And while there is likely no Joey Bosa in this draft class, there are some quality players. At least on of those players is Tim Williams of Alabama who we will get a nice long look at in tonight's game as he tries to stop Deshaun Watson and the Tigers offense.

Who do you think will win? Who are you watching with an eye toward the draft? Who are you rooting for?