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Aaron’s 2016 Chargers Awards

Aaron thought that there should be a few additions to the Chargers’ awards. Here they are.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t get a look at Ryan’s article on the real San Diego Chargers Team awards, look here.

I’ve decided that a few more Chargers players (and BFTBers) were deserving of a few more (fake) awards. Let us know in the comments section whether or not you agree.

As far as the real team awards go, I agree 100% with everyone the Chargers picked. What I don’t agree with, is who they left off.

Rookie of the Year: Joey Bosa

I had to think about giving it to Hunter Henry, but considering that Joey Bosa missed the first 5 games due to the incompetence of the owners, and he still is leading the team in sacks says all you need to know. He has already been one of the best pass-rushers in the league in only his rookie season, and we all hope he’ll continue his trajectory.

Honorable Mention: Hunter Henry.

Hunter Henry is about as good a TE as anyone has seen coming out of college. The only difference is that he shares reps with a future HOFer, and still manages to find production. At the time of writing, he’s amassed over 430 yards and 7 TDs (which is good for a tie for 2nd). Not only that, but he might be the team’s second-best blocker. I know, it’s not saying much, but he’s also that good.

(Relative) Newcomer of the Year: Tyrell Williams

Back in August, many writers for BFTB were labeling Tyrell Williams as Tyrell “Moss.” He looked fast, smooth, and had a good rapport with Philip Rivers. Little did we know that he’d be thrust into practically a starting role quickly, with the injuries to Keenan Allen and Stevie Johnson. Currently, Tyrell Williams has 989 yards and 7 TDs which leads the Chargers.

Honorable Mention: Melvin Gordon

Despite missing the last two games, Melvin Gordon has the 10th most rushing yards in the NFL, the 6th (tie) most rushing TDs in the NFL, and only 2 fumbles. While his YPC isn’t incredible at 3.9ypc, he had to create his own holes and develop a nose for the end zone that was not matched throughout much of the season, as he led the league for something like 8-10 weeks. It’s hard to give him an honorable mention, but for me, even after last season, I still expected a huge improvement from last season, and he has always had the spotlight Tyrell Williams never had.

Favorite Writer of the Year: Matthew Stanley

While I look like I’m showing favorites, when I re-joined BFTB as a writer in August, Matthew Stanley and I hit it off, partially due to our common ground as servicemembers, but also because Matthew Stanley affectionately named me “A-a-ron.” If you haven’t seen the reference video, check it out here.

As far as his writing goes, he’s got wit, and he is entertaining when he publishes twitter updates during games.

Honorable Mention: Kyle Posey was always my favorite writer at BFTB, for his in-depth writing, and methodical approach to grading players, but now that he has moved on to bigger and better things, it’s gotta be Jamie Hoyle, for his no BS, honest but brutal commentary on all things Chargers related.

Best Commenter

I’m not sure if this is a good idea, as I’m probably fanning the flames, but, those of you who comment religiously on our articles make our jobs a lot more interesting, difficult, and fun. Almost every article, there are snarky comments regarding incorrect facts, statistics and even “incorrect” opinions. NickNRickShep, 1080_Xtreme, boltsfan21, Mike McCoy, Afroamongfew, Maldamus, and more. I appreciate all your snarky comments, your input, and your no-nonsense approach. Thank you for helping make this community great, even when you make me mad.

My favorite comments this season

a comment by big shirtless ron in response to If the Chargers Move, Will You Still Be a Fan? is a little risky for me to post, but the link is there for your enjoyment!

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