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Report: Chargers will interview Panthers DC Sean McDermott

It’s about time.

Carolina Panthers Training Camp David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/TNS via Getty Images

The Chargers’ coaching search continues for the 2nd day today and more names have come to light. The most recent name is a popular one here at BFTB: Carolina Panthers Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

I won’t go into too much detail as Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle have gone into TONS of detail on why he would be a great head coach, but I will sum up the high points.

McDermott got his start as a scout for the Eagles. The fact that he got promoted out of that position shows he’s pretty good at evaluating talent & then developing those players.

He learned his 4-3 defensive philosophy from one of the best to ever do it Jim Johnson & has put his own spin on it. As many of us here have said, the Chargers’ defensive personnel fit a 4-3 base better than the current 3-4.

His defenses have been top 10 in total defense in 4 of his 5 seasons with A LOT of defensive turnover.

His players love him and would do anything for him. When asked about the possibility of McDermott leaving and becoming a head coach Ron Rivera raved about what an amazing leader and coach he is.

If you want more info, listen to last week’s episode of the Lightning Round Podcast here, or hit up Garrett or Jamie on twitter.

Basically, this is a really good sign that they are interviewing him.