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Looking Forward to the 2017 Chargers

There are reasons for optimism in 2017.

NFL: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Like many Chargers fans over the last few weeks, I’ve been mourning in my own way. I have tried to avoid much of the Chargers “news” which has come out recently, and I’ve been working quite a bit.

Now that things are more settled in, with a brand new Head Coach (Anthony Lynn), and a well-used Defensive Coordinator in Gus Bradley. Gus Bradley is a bit of an upgrade on John Pagano, and he’ll bring a 4-3 scheme with him, which according to just about everyone, is a better fit for the Chargers. Joey Bosa was thought to be a better fit in the 4-3 defense as well, so we can expect him to get even better. Either way, Gus Bradley has been known to get the best out of his defenses, which is why he was hired by the Jags to be their head coach. As we all know, a good coordinator does not always make a good head coach. Gus Bradley was one of those, and hopefully, he remembers how to be a good coordinator. For those of you who don’t know, he helped create the “Legion of Boom” in Seattle, when he was defensive coordinator there from 2009-2013.

On the other side, the Chargers still employ Ken Whisenhunt. I personally like his play-calling, he’s familiar with the players on offense and will team up with running back guru Anthony Lynn to create a formidable rushing attack spearheaded by Melvin Gordon for years to come. Anthony Lynn looks like he wants to create a physical offense, and preaches balance, and staying with whatever is working. Being backed up by two men who are both quality coordinators who have also had head coaching positions, he’s set up for success.

Keep in mind the Chargers still will field one of the most talented (and injury prone) rosters in the NFL. If they can stay healthy, or if Tom Telesco can continue to find gems like Jatavis Brown late in the draft, and gems like Danny Woodhead and Casey Hayward in free agency, the Chargers will be just fine. If you’re wondering whether or not to buy into the Chargers’ dreams for a Super Bowl, I would firmly put your faith behind them to get it done within the next five seasons. It doesn’t hurt that the Chargers now live in LA, where the last championship went to the LA Kings in 2014, and the Lakers in 2010. They no longer live in the city with the longest drought in pro-sports. No, that title does not belong to Cleveland, it’s is San Diego. The future is bright for the San Diego “oops,” Los Angeles Chargers.