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PODCAST: Chatting with Gene Klein’s grandson about the Chargers

Benjamin King, a Los Angeles-based actor and the grandson of former San Diego Chargers owner Gene Klein, shares his favorite memories from growing up around the team as well as his thoughts on their move to L.A.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Head Coach Anthony Lynn Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All this week I’ve been doing a bit of a series on the Generally Speaking podcast, chatting with people that are giving up their status as “fan” of the Chargers after the team’s move from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Today, I invited on to the podcast Benjamin King, who is kind of famous in his own right, to talk about what it is like to grow up as the grandson of the Owner of the San Diego Chargers.

Benjamin’s grandfather was, of course, Gene Klein. The same Gene Klein that purchased the team from its original owner (Barron Hilton) and sold to a real estate mogul from Stockton, California named Alex Spanos.

What I didn’t expect, and perhaps it’s better this way, was Benjamin’s answer when I asked if he considered himself a “former” fan of the Chargers...

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This is, in my opinion, one of the better podcasts I’ve ever put out. A big reason for that is there is very little of me talking and a whole lot of Benjamin telling great stories about Dan Fouts (“Never ‘Fouts’, always ‘Dan Fouts’”), John Jefferson (and the time Benjamin almost killed him with a golf cart), Hank Bauer (king of the booger icicles), and others.

Even if you’re not a Chargers fan anymore, you’ll want to hear this one.