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Poll Question: Will You Remain a Chargers Fan?

It certainly seems like a relevant question at this point, doesn't it?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know by now and have spent a week discussing, the San Diego Chargers are no more. They have left the city and moved to Los Angeles where they are already on their third new logo in a week as the Los Angeles Chargers. I, like many of you, have spent decades supporting the Chargers. They were my team as a child for two reasons: my dad was a Chargers fan and they were the closest team to where I lived (I grew up in San Diego County). Now, technically the Chargers are still the closest team to where I live, but it does not feel the same way.

Many Chargers fans were first and foremost fans of the team that represented their hometown. Now that the team not only doesn't represent their hometown but abused their hometown on its way out, it's no surprise that they are reluctant to remain fans of that team.

All of us grew to be fans of Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and the other veteran players on the Chargers roster. They will still be wearing the same uniform and playing in games each weekend in the coming season. It will be difficult for many people to stop rooting for them even though they can no longer stomach the owners of the team.

Some will choose a new team to support because the NFL is more enjoyable when you have someone to root for and they can no longer root for the Chargers. Some will pick a team that is a rival of the Chargers out of spite. Others will just look for a franchise that would be fun to support.

Now some people won't be ready to attach themselves to another team especially after what just happened with the Chargers, but they aren't ready to give up watching the NFL, so they'll just watch the most interesting games each week. And finally, some are just so disgusted by all of this that they will give up the NFL entirely.

Where do you fall in all this?