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Chargers Daily Links: Chargers Salary Cap Situation is a Mess

Your daily dose of Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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A San Diego Fan’s Eulogy: Dispatches From The Last Chargers Game. Ever. - Michael Serazio
There is a blurry Polaroid that my mother keeps of her some eight months pregnant with me, wearing a "Future Chargers Fan" t-shirt, which has an arrow pointing down to her belly. At my grandfather’s funeral, my cousin brought up Pops’ crusty, faded blue Chargers hat and, with trembling hands, placed it upon the altar.

Move leaves San Diegans torn between supporting Chargers, hometown - Eric Williams
"I’m not here to celebrate. I’m not here to cheer," Macrae said. "I’m here to let Dean, John and A.J. [Spanos] know that you messed up; they made a mistake. I know that people are going to say that you should have just stayed home. But after what John Spanos said on the radio about the fan experience being better at StubHub than at Qualcomm, he didn’t need to say that. That was a very low blow."

Despite rough start, Roger Goodell believes Chargers will succeed in L.A. - Eric Williams
"Our ultimate goal is to bring L.A. and all Chargers fans a Super Bowl championship," Spanos said, talking over a group of heckling fans.

NFLPA Announces Cap Carryover Amounts - Connor Byrne
The NFL Players Association has announced all 32 teams’ salary cap carryover amounts for the 2017 season (Twitter link). Next season’s cap figure isn’t yet known, but it’s likely to be in the $165MM range. When that becomes official, it can be added to each team’s carryover amount to determine that club’s official spending room for 2017.