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San Diego Fan Interrupts Dean Spanos at Los Angeles Chargers Introduction

He said what most San Diego Chargers fans wished they could.


Today in Los Angeles, Dean Spanos and the Chargers held an event to introduce themselves to their new home city. The fans in attendance were by invitation only. Media was placed in such a way as to make it difficult for them to potentially ask questions. And one can only assume that some percentage of the folks there were being paid to be.

Thankfully, this grotesque spectacle of an event was interrupted by a San Diego Chargers fan that had a very special message for Dean Spanos.

And if you are somewhere that you cannot actually watch video of an angry yelling fan, his own tweet captures the gist just as well.

Indeed, SD Sign Guy. Indeed. And in case you’re worried for some reason that the players were his target and not Dean Spanos, he clarified his position.

I think he spoke for a large percentage of the San Diego fan base. What do you think?