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Former Chargers Fans: Jeffrey Siniard

Jeffrey Siniard joins John Gennaro to talk about why he's not following the Chargers to Los Angeles.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

As a way of mourning the loss of the San Diego Chargers, I’ve decided this week to use my podcast to talk to a few former Chargers fans that won’t be following the team to Los Angeles.

After starting with myself yesterday, today I had the chance to talk to Jeffrey Siniard. As you probably could’ve guessed if you’ve ever read any of Jeff’s enlightening posts here on BFTB, you’ll learn a lot from listening to this podcast.

The most eye-opening part of this podcast isn’t Jeff giving up rooting for the Chargers, but his explanation of why the team left San Diego, why it was inevitable (and there was nothing anybody could’ve done about it), and why this problem is going to get much bigger in a few years for some legendary NFL franchises.

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Thanks for listening! I’ll be back on Thursday with a very special episode/guest!