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Open Thread: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

Discuss the Packers at Cowboys game with your fellow Chargers fans.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Packers aren’t the same team that lost to Cowboys earlier this season -
Rodgers leapt from mid-tier quarterback to MVP candidate midway through the season. Since a Nov. 20 loss to Washington, he’s’ thrown 22 touchdown passes without an interception. In his last three games — a win over the Vikings, a showdown with the Lions to determine the NFC North champion, and a Wild Card game against the Giants — he’s thrown for at least 300 yards and four touchdowns in each.

The two-time MVP was capable in the pocket the last time these teams met, but that 294-yard, one-interception performance is light years from the storm he’s kicked up when games have meant the most.

Cowboys fans are stampeding to get 'standing room only' spaces -
This has to be one of the weirdest phenomenons in sports. Why the heck are Dallas Cowboys fans stampeding like it’s a Black Friday sale and there’s only one cheap 60" TV in AT&T Stadium?

There is a good reason, believe it or not. Coveted "standing room only" spots. These are first come first served, so fans have a vested interest in running like the world is about to end.

That said, it’s hard to imagine ALL these people only had "standing room only" passes. At least some of these people paid for their seats, they have seats assigned, and the game isn’t for another 1.5 hours (at the time this video was shot), so why run?