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It’s official. Goodbye(riddance) Chargers

Dean Spanos is the worst owner in professional sports.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well. There it goes.

Dean Spanos is taking his ball and leaving. The Chargers are moving up north. Dean didn’t want to wait 2 years, without any pressure now that all signs point to the Raiders moving to Las Vegas. He wants to go up north and play in a 25,000 seat stadium for 2 years. He wants to burn the bridge completely with his team’s San Diego fans.

This hurts. When I was talking about this last week I was sure that I’d be upset but that I would probably still support the team as my favorite players leave the team and/or retire. Now I don’t know. More on that later.

At least we know what is happening now. At least the years of being in limbo with the black cloud of relocation hovering overhead and blocking out that beautiful San Diego sun will move up the coast.

I’ll leave you with this pure gold tweet form Ben Higgins.