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Man Eggs Chargers HQ

I think he captures the sentiment of the fan base rather well at this time.

The formerly San Diego Chargers now apparently Los Angeles Chargers have spent the better part of the last few years doing every single thing in their power to alienate their existing fan base at every single opportunity. Last night’s leak about an announcement to officially move to Los Angeles was the breaking point for at least one man who elected to egg the Chargers HQ:

Now, I can’t say I approve of anyone let alone a grown man egging anything, but there is something rather appropriate about the image of someone egging Chargers HQ. Dean Spanos and the rest of his family represent the worst ownership group in professional sports and while they have frequently had egg on their face metaphorically thanks to their incredible and consistent bumbling, the literal egg on the face of their building was a new touch.

Hopefully, the egging of Chargers HQ brought this man a little peace and was able to give some Chargers fans a reason to smile for a minute.