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REPORT: Chargers Will Debut New Logo Today

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport initially reported that the Chargers would reveal a new logo today and the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Michael Gehlken was able to chime in with a description of what sounds like a truly hideous logo:

In case his terrible mishandling of literally everything was not enough to turn off existing San Diego fans, it seems Dean Spanos is pulling out the stops to ensure that as few people as possible follow and support his incredible failure of an organization. There are few things San Diego sports fans hate as much as the Dodgers, so borrowing their style is a well-aimed stick in the eye by Dean.

Every single time you think that the Spanos family (but especially Dean) has hit a new low, they find a way to surprise you. They are not the worst owners in professional sports for no reason. Perhaps this will help the city of San Diego to let go of this essentially abusive relationship they have had with the Chargers.